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American BOA Designs and Supplies 156" Diameter Expansion Joint to Steel Processor

solar energy
Concentrated Solar Power Plants (CSP) use steam to make energy. This is very much like a conventional
power plant except in CSP plants there is no unwanted emissions such as those found in conventional coal
power plants. Solar radiation is used to produce heat instead of fossil or nuclear fuels. A popular type of CSP
is the parabolic trough power plant. In order to gain the high temperatures required, troughs made up of
parabolic mirror segments, track the sun and focus the solar radiation the onto receiver tubes. A heat transfer fluid runs
through these receivers and is heated up to 750F (400C). This fluid is used to produce the steam required for a
steam turbine to generate electricity.

The solar receiver's contain a special glass and a tube inside the glass where the fluid flows. American BOA is
proud to manufacture special custom designed bellows for this important part of the CSP plant. Our engineers
designed a
product that is requested by the leading industry manufacturers of solar receivers.


We use high quality special alloy steels and high-end automated manufacturing to assure efficiency and quality.
The bellows absorb thermal movements due to various temperatures of operation throughout the course of a
24- hour period and act to provide sealing within the segment connections between the glass and the metal.
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solar energy

Pictured above – automated welding of bellows assures both quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process.



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