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by admin on May 6, 2013

Fuel Cells
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Fuel Cell Power Systems

• Anode and Cathode Piping
• Hydrogen Fuel and Exhaust Piping
• Balance of Plant

Fuel Cells
Pulp & Paper
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• Digester Piping
• Process Liquor Lines
• Recovery Boiler Piping
• Power Plant Piping
• Machine Drying System Piping
• Evaporator Piping · Feedstock Piping
Oil and Gas Distribution
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WHRU (waste heat recovery units) applications for platforms:

• Temperature, large amounts of movement, area restrictions, low
spring forces on equipment for balance and vibration, requires
the use of expansion joints for waste heat recovery units.

Exhaust Expansion Joints for Other Rigs 

Pipeline Compressor Stations:

• Expansion joints within the compressor engine manifold assembly.
• Expansion joints connecting from the engine manifold exhaust to
the turbocharger.
• Expansion joints connecting the exhaust piping to the silencer.

oil and gas
84” Diameter Universal expansion
joint with Inconel 625 bellows
and liners and 321ss flanges for
WHRUservice on platforms
Miscellaneous On-Deck Piping Systems Oil Exploration
• From oily water separators to fire-fighting equipment, replacing rubber expansion joints per USCG (United States Coast Guard) and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) directives.

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