April 2013

Market / Product Applications – Industrial

April 30, 2013

Cryogenic/Industrial Gases • Air Separation Compressor • Cold Box Piping Steel Mills – Metals Industry   • Blast furnace lids • Molds that vibrate • Mold Segment cooling onto caster • Electric arc furnace • Oscillating table for segment caster • Caster spray chamber • High temperature flue gas duct system Measurement and Control Systems Measurement and Systems Manometers and automatic control […]

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Market / Product Applications – Energy

April 15, 2013

Power Generation Market • Coal Pulverizer • Boiler Penetration Seals • Boiler Feedpump – Turbine Exhaust • HRSG Piping System • Steam Turbine Crossover Piping • Steam Turbine to Condenser Connection • Extraction Steam Piping • Turbine Steam Cooling System • Steam Distribution Heating System • Safety Relief Valve Vent Piping • Gas Turbine Exhaust • Gas Turbine Rotor Air Cooling • Gas Turbine Compressor Bleed • Micro […]

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Engine Exhaust Expansion Joints

April 1, 2013

BOA Multi -Ply Engine Exhaust Expansion Joints The BOA Multi-Ply Bellows Design BOA pioneered the development of the unique multi-ply bellows design which proved to be exceptionally effective in absorbing thermal expansion and vibration in engine and compressor piping systems. The BOA Multi-Ply Bellows is manufactured from a laminated tube which consists of thin gauge stainless steel plies. This tubular […]

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