September 2012

Premature Failure on the Welded Connection

September 21, 2012

Problem: Oil Filtration Systems, Inc. (OFS) experienced premature failure on the welded connection for the discharge of oil from the tower to the pump on their filtration equipment. Application: OFS of Boerne, Texas manufactures Filtration Systems for petroleum and many chemical product applications. The majority of OFS applications involve the removal of particulate and water from […]

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BOA Multi-Ply Engine Exhaust Expansion Joints

September 6, 2012

The BOA Multi-Ply Bellows Design BOA pioneered the development of the unique multi-ply bellows design which proved to be exceptionally effective in absorbing thermal expansion an d vibration in engine and compressor piping systems. The BOA Multi-Ply Bellows is manufactured from a laminated tube which consists of thin gauge stainless steel plies. This tubular body is […]

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Universal Expansion Joints

September 2, 2012

A universal expansion joint is composed of two bellows connected by a common pipe or centerspool. This type of assembly allows any combination of the three basic movements: axial, lateral and angular. A universal expansion joint is generally used In cases with more lateral movement than can be absorbed by a single axial expansion joint, or when there […]

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